Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Get Fit Motivational Word Abstract In Vintage Letterpress Wood Type Printing

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This gallery-wrapped and stretched canvas are designed to beautify many different spaces in your home.


The canvas is hand prepared and stretched around high-quality wood by master craftsman. The canvas itself is a high-quality material selected by our curation staff to be of the utmost quality with the intent for it to last for generations.


The print is a giclee made with 12 inks. Most printers use only 3 colours but our premium process of giclee prints use 12 colours to reach unrivalled quality.


Our many pieces like this one are created by independent artists who receive a portion of each sale – so when you buy this beautiful piece you are helping to support an artist.

The artist who provided this image described the image in this way: Get fit - motivational word abstract in vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks with a vintage dumbbell