Tips to keep your hair healthy

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Do you follow proper hair care remedies? Are you aware of basic hair care fundamentals? Apart from hair care treatments which you avail from beauty parlours, you can do something more for having healthy hair. Read on and know about basic hair care tips to have beautiful hair.
Reshma had very long hair when she was a school going girl. However, she had to cut it short as she was unable to maintain it. But, her desire to have long hair was still alive when she became young. One of her friends suggested her that she should follow proper hair care fundamentals to take proper care of her long hair.
Long and strong hair is one of the ornaments of beauty. We try lot of hair care products on our hair to make it look beautiful. However, we ignore the basic hair care fundamentals. If we follow proper hair care tips, it will be possible for all of us to have long, strong and beautiful hair. Have a quick look at basic hair care tips to have beautiful hair.
    • Oil your hair twice a week. You need to follow the proper process for oiling your hair. When you oil your hair, make sure that it reaches the roots. Try to massage with your fingers whenever you oil your hair. Oiling hair is a must to make it strong and silky. You can use any oil of your choice. Coconut oil or almond oil is considered to be the best for oiling hair.
    • Wash your hair twice a week with good shampoo which suits your hair. You can consult hair expert to find out what suits your hair and scalp type. Make sure that you completely wash-off the oil from your hair.
    • Condition your hair after washing it. Conditioning hair makes it look beautiful and voluminous. Conditioning helps to improve the texture of your hair. Always try to use conditioner of the brand which your shampoo belongs to.
    • Soak your hair with towel or cloth after washing it. Do not use hair dryer unless it is necessary. Using hair dryer frequently can make your hair dull and unhealthy. Avoid tying your hair when it is wet, you may catch cold.
    • Trim your hair once in four months. Trimming will help you prevent split-ends and the growth of your hair will not be affected.
    • Avoid artificial hair beautifying treatments like hair straightening or hair ironing. Hair straightening treatments can make hair weak and result in hair fall. So try to maintain your natural hair.
    • Go for head massage at-least twice or thrice in year. Ayurvedic head massage proves very beneficial for the health of the hair and it also helps to reduce stress. There are many spas which provide excellent head massage service. You can also give massage to yourself on your own if you do not get time to visit spas or beauty parlours
  • Try to take immediate action if you are coping with dandruff. Dandruff is a common hair problem which is caused due to improper care of hair. Use anti-dandruff shampoo to cope with dandruff. There are many home remedies which you can try to prevent or get rid of dandruff.
Follow the above mentioned tips to the 'T' and get beautiful long mane with an ease. Try to avoid artificial hair beautifying treatments if you wish to maintain beautiful hair throughout your life. Use herbal products and herbal treatments to get best results and get ready to wear the crown of beauty.

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